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'This is A Certified Yata Classic!'
Bingus is a fan favorite and is very popular amongst this wiki! Meaning that lots of people really enjoy Bingus! Granting it a place in the Yata Hall of Fame!

Bingus is a sphynx cat who was born in the Orientalis Bingus Tribe and is the president in exile of Bingustan. Bingus was born in 173 in the Orientalis Bingus Tribe where he lived much of his younger years. Bingus was treated very well by his family and did good in school. Opposed to his ounger brother Bongus who had started seeing Bingus as a rival due to Bingus getting all the attention. Bingus eventually made Bingustan, a country for his tribe. It was going nice until he alligned with the UFR against Swagonia. During the war Bongus staged a coup when Bingus was distracted forcing Bingus to flee to Trenton where he made Bingustan 2 with some of his loyal followers. He eventually realised being a furless cat in space siberia is not a very good idea so he eventually moved back to the humid orientalis where he went to exile in Floppascus, capital of the UFR. Bingus once tried to take back his country but Bongus beat him with the help of Polsk. During the Swagonian War Bingus with the help of the UFR managed to reconquer eastern bingustan. The west remained under Bongustan though. Bingustan almost conquered Swagonia but failed due to a uprising from Bingland despite Bingus funding them. Bingus joined in on the Second Swagonian War aswell to secure Bongustan Bingus went a bit paranoid during the war and he started the Great Purge of Bingustan in which many people were killed because he was paranoid and deranged. He was overthrown for this but Bingus just went over to bingland and made another bingustan when the other one was annexed by Bongus's nation. Bingus eventually calmed down after being given a perscription for Xanax. He did join in on the Third Swagonian War. in which he changed sides alot of times and finally defeated his brother Bongus forcing Bongus to have his country in a very small area.